Four “W” you need to know before creating NFT

1. Metamask

2. Math Wallet

3. AlphaWallet

4. Trust Wallet

5. Coinbase Wallet

You’re certain you’d like to cast an NFT, but do you know what one is? It’s a cryptocurrency that signifies something unique, collectible, and unreplicable at its most fundamental level.

You’ll need three things before you can start minting your own NFTs:

1️⃣ Your music, artwork, or memento

2️⃣ To pay the minting cost, you’ll need some bitcoin.

3️⃣ To store your bitcoin, you’ll need a cryptocurrency wallet.

You must also select the blockchain on which your non-fungible token will be created.

When minting an NFT, there are a lot of blockchain to select from. The Ethereum blockchain was the first major blockchain to offer non-fungible tokens in the form we know them today. Binance Smart Chain, Polka dot, Tron, Tezos, and a slew of other blockchains are now NFT-compatible.

The majority of NFTs are currently based on BSC. However, Ethereums gas prices have rendered minting and processing NFTs prohibitively costly. Binance Smart Chain is a considerably less expensive option that also has a better transaction speed. There are several NFT markets and initiatives, offering you access to a large pool of potential buyers.

The platform you use to mint your NFT is entirely up to you and the blockchain you wish to utilize. Because most BSC protocols produce your NFT as a BEP-721 token, they will wind up being the same regardless of whatever protocol you choose.

It’s usually advisable to use a platform whose market you’re familiar with if you want to exchange your tokens easily later. You won’t have to relocate your NFT somewhere else after minting it this method.

Most NFT sites accept Ether, the Ethereum blockchain platform’s money. We prefer BakerySwap and Treasureland for their ease of use. To mint your NFT, all of these BSC projects feature a straightforward interface and a low price.

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